The Double Edged Sword

I was playing with my kids the other day, interacting with a story they were building together with My Little Pony figures, some random fast-food kids combo toys, and other random madness from who knows where. If I remember correctly, the two pony kids were mourning the loss of their father from his participation in the zombie war. They were now on a quest for Japan to seek out two new moms, a brother, and a sister.

But danger lurked within the shadows of their travels…Countless horrors such as vile alligators, floating robot heads, naked ninja princesses, and disgruntled cardboard dolls sought to divert our noble protagonists from their cause.

Well, I know what contributed to my active imagination: The magic of video games.

Over the past few weeks, my oldest has been reprimanded several times for being disruptive by talking, or not paying attention to the teacher. She is very outgoing and kind, usually making it a point to speak to whomever she sees. The issue is not that she’s too nice, but that she is not focused enough to control the impulse of being obedient in a controlled environment. If she is like me, when in situations where strict attention is needed, I really struggle to maintain my focus on the reason to conform to these restrictions.

Well, I know what contributed to my lack of focus to menial tasks. The magic of video games.

It’s a slippery slope I walk. I want to become a game designer so I can use the magic of video games to teach, enrich, and help improve the quality of life. But I’ve noticed through the course of my life, that it becomes harder and harder to concentrate on things that are just BOOOOORING AS HELL. I have trouble reading, performing repetitive tasks (yet I’m a hardcore grinder on RPGs and the such), and having withdrawals if I don’t sit with a great game at least…oh, once a day.

Video games are fun and engaging! You control the destiny of a person, involved in a situation that have a very LOW probability of ever happening, and follow their journey as you proceed. I can obtain magic powers, and use them to slay the forces of darkness, while winning the love of an attractive woman that acts dismissive towards men since the man that broke her heart is now apart of the forces of darkness we seek to slay…


That’s much more interesting than having to drive to the bank to make a withdrawal, so you can pay your rent before it’s due (unless it’s due in 5 minutes, then it’ll turn into GTA real quick). If you could live in the world of video games, where the possibilities are endless, who in their right mind would ever leave?!

Well we don’t have that option. We live on Earth. It’s 2012. And it’s full of shit that is less than enjoyable to endure.

I hope to further explore this, as I could be horribly wrong. Maybe my lack of focus is determined upon something completely different! Or maybe I’m horribly right. Only time will tell.


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