Badge Number Twelve Fourty-Seven Times Infinity

So I interrogate the prop maker a second time.

Near the end I attempt to Doubt his statement, yet apparently my instincts were incorrect yet again. He dodged the question and gave me a half-assed answer. 2 out of 3 questions right. +10 Points. I exit the game to start over.

You may notice I’ve been playing some L.A. Noire lately. It’s a cinematic action/adventure game set in the American 1940’s, where you assist Cole Phelps in solving murder cases that tangle and intertwine within the shadows of Hollywood’s limelight. Luckily, Detective Phelps can assist you with his keen Intuition; honed through his intellect, and sharpened by his experience as a military officer. But little did you know, Detective Phelps has yet another ability …

time travel.

At any given moment, if he feels his interview has gone awry, if he may have missed a clue that could have been relevant to the case, if he wanted his investigation to be perfect, he can manipulate time. Cole Phelps can return to the beginning of the event in order to start again, wielding the sword of truth against duplicity… OK, this isn’t entirely true, but it’s basically what I have transformed him into.

If I miss something, or guessed the wrong response to a statement, I usually return to the home screen and start the scene over. Why do this? Why not just carry on and accept that you guessed wrong? I mean, it’s just a game right?! RIGHT?!

My friends, how many of you wished you could rephrase something you said in the past?
Stand up for yourself or someone else in the face of adversity?
Go back and retell that joke, so you can impress the cute girl at work you see on break?
Tell your parents or loved ones how much you appreciate them for something they did, that you failed to mention?
Retract that terrible comment you made that you promised you would never reference, because he/she trusted you to not judge them for it?

Well we can’t be like Cole Phelps, “The Time Traveling Detective“…and this is a good thing.

If we knew we could just go back and keep trying to get the right answer, or do the right thing, we would never strive to be better people. We would never condition ourselves to be more understanding or compassionate. Never train ourselves to accept criticism and use it to fuel our growth. Never take a bad experience and learn from it so we can avoid it in the future. We will never attempt to be perfect.

But luckily, this IS a video game, and unless I am satisfied with the outcome, Cole Phelps will be Quantum Leaping to my heart’s desire.

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