Segregation or Unification?

noun, verb (used with object)
1. to separate or set apart from others or from the main body or group; isolate

Unfortunately, this is the first thing that came to mind when I read about Gaymercon.

I was very pleased to see Gaymercon surpass the intended goal of $25,000 on their Kickstarter page. It is a testament to the fact that not all gamers are hetero white boys in the 15 – 30 age range that Triple-A titles are typically marketed to. But this cloud casts a dark shadow in my eyes.

It’s really no secret that homophobia and racial disparity run rampant within the ever-flowing streams of The Net. Of course, this is only attributed to the fact that anonymity gives people the power to share a message from behind a veil of secrecy; regardless of accuracy, integrity, or relevance. You can’t play paintball with a group of black people and start dropping the “N bomb” without retaliation, and rightfully so! The term “nigger” is stained with centuries of blood, hate, and strife, which still needlessly echo within the borders of our atmosphere. There is very little transparency or responsibility held with the messages spread over the internet, and has proven to be the cause of several execrable events.

“GaymerCon is the first gaming and geek lifestyle convention with a focus on LGBT culture”, their website professes. Now personally, I don’t believe there is such a thing as “LGBT culture”. Homosexuality, to most, is either an independent sexual preference or a genetic predisposition. Not a snazzy piece of art or CD you bought from the downtown store across the street from the coffee shop. So it feels like this is more about giving “gaymers” a place to hang out and enjoy their passion for gaming…you know like how we used to have water fountains and “colored” water fountains.

I’m not saying this is some sort of conspiracy to huddle gaymers together to isolate them from “the rest of us”, but I fear this may unintentionally occur. Homosexuals undergo vicious scrutiny from religious corporations (I use “corporations” because I believe religion has become nothing more than a vehicle for money and political agendas) due to their belief that homosexuality is a ravenous sin. And just like everything else with cultural human affairs, we either support this diversity, or attempt to destroy it with catastrophic anger.

Some heterosexuals use this religious excuse to subjugate, abuse, and discriminate against homosexuals. In turn, some homosexuals use the incongruence in order to seek equality through entitlement and not respect. So instead of saying “gamers that are gay” we embrace the whimsical term: “gaymer”, in order to stuff them within yet another social microcosm that helps people sleep better at night. You may think I’m being dramatic, but allow me to help you understand how I feel.

The term “gaymer” shouldn’t even exist. Homosexual human beings should not have to categorize themselves so they can be filed for social conformity. No one should have to say “Oh, he/she is a talented gay artist”. “My gay friends think my dress looks great with these shoes”. It’s the equivalent of “I ain’t showering with so-and-so, I heard he’s gay! Better not drop the soap!”. Homosexuals should be allowed to live in a world where they can be who they are, without these ridiculous labels with pre-packaged misjudgements. So as you can see, my biggest fear is that Gaymercon will further push the agenda of stuffing the LGBT into a “safe, politically correct” place we can all “compromise” with.

I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen. I hope Gaymercon can achieve its’ admirable objective, in creating a positive environment that allows homo and hetero to co-exist with no judgement. Remove this ridiculous notion that homosexuals are nefarious doppelgangers that only want to invite the masses into godless anarchy. Show the world that through gaming we can some day erase this unnecessary hatred of The Almighty Difference. Please extinguish my dread.

UPDATE (9-15-2012)
Apparently “gaymer” is already trademarked, my bad dude! LOL. What a pathetic set of circumstances, I hope this group finds a satisfactory resolution.

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